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Laugh and look on the light side. People seek fun when they're are not slogging at work. Fun is sexy - it keeps you young too!


When your love interest speaks to you, focus solely on him/her (unless someone is telling you that there's a fire and it's time to evacuate!!).
It's an instant killer when the object of your interest starts ferreting around in their bag/pocket for their cell/mobile phone to check who has just texted them.
Listening and giving your full and undivided attention to someone will pay dividends.

I smiling eyes

Your eyes are your biggest flirting tool in your kit. Use them. I know you know how.


If he/she smiles at you, smile back! Mirror one another's body language - all clues that you are dancing to the same tune.

If you are asked a question, reply with enthusiasm and when you run out of steam, ask the question back.

Say something you like about him/her - tie, shirt, eyes, smile - you know what I mean......


Develop an interest - even if it is only what is going on around you. Show interest in him/her too. Never fails, unless he/she is a boring, monosyllabic grouch but, then, you would hardly be showing interest there, would you?


If it doesn't work this time round, don't bite your nails, there will always be another opportunity!


Games are fun and bonding, if the circumstances are right, and I am not talking strip poker here.



Love cupful - Betty Boop
Betty Boop
Betty Boop
Betty Boop red dress

:: P S :: Wear RED.

Betty Boop knows it works. Psychologists say it does too.

Betty Boop eyes
Betty Boop devil